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Visit Tuscany, the picturesque Borgo of Anghiari

Visit Tuscany, the picturesque Borgo of Anghiari

Visit Tuscany, the picturesque Borgo of Anghiari

Have you ever thought of exploring Tuscany a bit further than the usual known destinations? Then you should  not miss Anghiari, a small gem of Valtiberina (or Upper Tiber Valley).

Set on a small hill only 6 km away from Sansepolcro - home to Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca – and boasting a wonderful open view of the valley, this charming medieval settlement is still enclosed by massive stone walls and is full of picturesque corners and beautiful architecture that will make you not want to leave.

In Anghiari you find lots of what you see elsewhere, but with a more authentic character: imagine walking through its windy little streets and discover archaeological sites.

Enter ancient churches with unique shape and arts, take in incredible views walking along the walls, remember the moments of the famous battle of Anghiari of 29 June 1440 – yes the famous one of the lost painting by Leonardo in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

See handicraft shops where locals produce incredible and creative pieces with their hands, find small shops where the food still tastes like in the past.

And with me guiding you around you have the guarantee that you won’t miss any of this, while using your time at best! Wanna know more? here the link to my private tour offers!