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Church Weddings in Tuscany, Italy

Church Weddings in Tuscany, Italy

Church Weddings in Tuscany, Italy

For those of you who wish to get married in church Tuscany has a wide choice of beautiful churches with romantic setting and monumental architecture, like those in Cortona, Siena, Chianti, San Gimignano, Pienza and many more destinations. Different types of religious weddings can be performed in Tuscany:

Catholic wedding ceremonies are held in Catholic churches present everywhere. Religious documents have to be prepared by the couple and be submitted to the local religious authorities in due time. Needless to say there are beautiful churches for every taste and size in Tuscany.
Anglican & Protestant wedding ceremonies can be performed in some Florence Anglican churches with English-speaking priests, or at times also in some Catholic churches of Tuscany, upon permission of the local religious authorities.
Orthodox wedding ceremonies can be held in the Orthodox churches present in Tuscany, at times also in Catholic churches (upon permission of the local religious authorities) and surely in the outdoor gardens of wedding venues.

Jewish wedding ceremonies in Tuscany may be held in private gardens, wine estates, wedding halls, wedding villas and castles.

All religious ceremonies other than Catholic can be performed in private chapels, outdoor gardens, wine estates, wedding halls of villas and castles of Tuscany. Most times it is required that you are already married legally in order to have your religious ceremony.

Depending on the type of religious ceremony you have in mind, with us you find extensive professional and logistical support to ensure a stress-free planning of your romantic church ceremony and the preparation and handing over of the correct religious documents to the relevant offices in due time. Contact us to know how we may assist you !