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Tuscany Fairytale Destination Wedding for Two

Tuscany Fairytale Destination Wedding for Two

Yes a wedding for two! Sarah & Tim decided for a romantic spring elopement in Florence, Italy and had a big reception with family and friends at home afterwards.

Most important for them was to take in and enjoy every single moment of their BIG day for themselves, and this proved to be a great choice as you can see from these amazing pictures all over Florence!

What about following their advice? Elope in Italy in front of a breath-taking scenario of Italy’s art cities like Florence and Siena, or the spectacular countryside of Tuscany with open views of rolling hills and vineyards - and show your wedding photos and video during your formal reception held at home in total comfort and safety for your family and friends.

This does not mean that it will be less beautiful, depending on the setting you can spend more attention and budget on decorations and styling, and have a dream elopement to die for! You can absolutely create something magical no matter the date or setting you choose.

Small will not mean less emotional, it will highlight what is and has lately become even more important in our lives – LOVE.

And you may put together a wonderful elopement in a short time having a skilled wedding planner at your side, so this works out great even in these crazy times: you can decide - once travel is allowed again - to keep your Italy destination wedding dream alive and arrange a last-minute celebration of your love in Tuscany.