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It's olive oil time in Tuscany!

It's olive oil time in Tuscany!

My olive harvest started earlier this year, because olives seemed to be ripening earlier, and since I had lots of free time, I followed the latest trend of picking them in late October to have a more fragrant oil and already got my fresh olive oil!

It is such an emotion to be at the oil mill. I follow each phase of the production personally: from weighing, cleaning, washing olives, to when they are smashed into a paste and passed into the gramola, a sort of kneading machine that works the paste for at least 40 minutes to allow oil to come out.

And at the end, from this loud noise of machinery and engines my liquid gold finally comes out, so green and full of perfume that I would love to stick my finger in it right there. But I put it in a storage tank and take it home, ready to savour it on bruschetta or one of Tuscany’s typical dishes.

Also, since I use lots of olive oil in my diet and what my small olive grove produces never suffices, I buy more from the oil mill right away to be covered until next harvest. Sounds crazy but I have to get my year’s supply before quantity goes down and price goes up, don’t you agree?

Because we Italians use so much olive oil that you cannot imagine ...  guess how much, can you?

And if you plan to visit Tuscany and have in your bucket list a private olive oil tasting tour, have a look at my offers at this link