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Visit Casentino after the charme of the Middle Ages

Visit Casentino after the charme of the Middle Ages

Beautiful atmosphere and fascinating settings are what you find in my Casentino private tours: focused on the great history and arts of the Middle Ages, you will discover the special character of its monumental castles spread out on the many hill tops, and you will dive into the unique atmosphere of centuries-old monasteries set in the middle of the forest where the sole company is that of trees and wild animals. You will find yourselves at peace just by observing the natural perfection of the forest and its many ancient chestnut trees, thinking of the hands that worked to create and maintain this beauty.

My guided walking tour of Poppi cannot exclude a visit of the monumental castle of the Guidi family: dating back to the 1200s, with its perfectly preserved architecture gives us the welcome into Poppi with its towering structure set on top of town. The halls, the private chapel, the incredible staircase, the jail tell us of stories of distant times, at times too cruel for us, but that remind us of life in the Middle Ages.

Set on top of a rocky cliff and surrounded by wild woods, La Verna is the most famous Franciscan sanctuary as Saint Francis of Assisi got the stigmata here in September 1224. The thick forest, the austere grey stone buildings, the mystic chapels and the various religious buildings, in addition to the unique nature the complex is surrounded by and the many beautiful Della Robbia artworks that I will show you during my guided tour of La Verna, make the visit to this site interesting and unforgettable no matter how religious you are.

In Camaldoli - a very unique complex divided between Monastery and Hermitage –  one can really get lost in time. With my private visit of the Hermitage you will want to walk around it on tiptoe, not to break the silence and spirituality of this sacred place. When I will show you the perfectly lined-up cells where monks still live nowadays (yes they do!), you will be surprised at the austerity of their interiors (we will visit one!) and the contrast with the heavily baroque décor of the church. My tour will continue at the Monastery to visit the ancient cloister and the church (Vasari left a few beautiful paintings here), see the pharmacy which boasts a unique lab plus ancient tools and books – and you will want to buy some of the excellent products produced by the monks.

Curious to know more about Casentino? Here you have the link to read about my Poppi and Casentino tours. Go you in? Contact me to book your private guided tour – in total safety of course!