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Tuscany Tours - Discover Arezzo with a Local Tourist Guide

Tuscany Tours - Discover Arezzo with a Local Tourist Guide

Tuscany Tours - Discover Arezzo with a Local Tourist Guide

To all those who have all been dreaming of travelling around Italy in the next future, what about visiting the less beaten Tuscany? It DOES have so much to offer. Plan to arrange a private guided tour with me around the Arezzo province of Tuscany, so full of history, art, nature and charming hill towns and you will be amazed by how much there is to discover.

For instance think of my beautiful home town Arezzo and its almost 3.000 years of history with many downfalls and rebirths – how many of you have visited it? What do you know about it? Among the many bonuses this amazing place has to offer you should keep in mind that its historical centre has no crowds, it is permeated by authentic local atmosphere, is full of beautiful monumental churches (Cathedral, St. Francis, Pieve, St. Dominic), historical palaces and world-famous art (Cimabue, Piero della Francesca, Giorgio Vasari and many more), and - last but not least! - its cuisine features the great food & wine that Tuscany is known for. Plus you can have a wonderful walking tour even with no entries into churches and museums, just featuring major amazing squares and picturesque streets that fill the historical centre - a tour full of interesting anecdotes, unique traditions and historical facts not to be found in guidebooks which I will be happy to share.

Whatever your interests, as your local tourist guide it is my most important goal to make sure you do not miss out the best. All my tours have been rearranged to ensure the safety and comfort of my clients after the latest happenings, without losing any of the interesting and engaging aspects they should have.

From June 3 travel bans will be lifted and Italy will be open again to visitors from Europe, so I look forward to having the opportunity to guide you around Arezzo in the future!