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5 Good Reasons to Visit Tuscany

5 Good Reasons to Visit Tuscany

Italia, the land of pizza, pasta, wine and all things romantic. Plan a trip across the boot once it is safe to travel again? do not miss out Tuscany! Here’s my top 5 reasons you should include it in your ‘must see’ list when visiting Italy:

  1. Drive along windy roads surrounded by lush vineyards and olive groves, or find yourselves in the middle of yellow sunflower fields
  2. Explore postcard-perfect off-the-beaten-path walled towns where time seems to have stopped – that take your breath away
  3. Get surprised by the unique beauty of winding streets full of flowers, red bricks, ancient details and folklore
  4. Taste and fall in love with our incredible wine, olive oil and cheese or reconfirm your passion for them
  5. Stop for a casual meal that becomes a feast and learn how Italians live for such food marathons

If your heart is set on any of these, then you absolutely have to come! More on my tours and activities here.